Western Pennsylvania

Christopher Hofmann

Christopher Hofmann
Branch Manager

Jimcor Agencies
1580 McLaughlin Run Road
Pinebridge Commons
Pittsburgh, PA 15241

Phone:(412) 220-3059
Fax:(412) 220-3060

  Western Pennsylvania


Name Title Phone Number Email
Coryn Thalmann CIC CIW Coryn Thalmann CIC CIW CEO & Chief Operating Officer (201) 573-8200 x 1125 cthalmann@jimcor.com
Christopher Hofmann Christopher Hofmann Vice President- Sales Manager (610) 940-3770 x 2221 chofmann@jimcor.com

Commercial Lines

Name Title Phone Number Email
Patrick Fleming Patrick Fleming Account Executive (412) 220-3059 x 7100 pfleming@jimcor.com
Laurel Cagni Laurel Cagni Underwriting Manager (412) 220-3059 x 7115 lcagni@jimcor.com
Marsha Gaupp Marsha Gaupp Assistant Underwriter (412) 220-3059 x 7110 mgaupp@jimcor.com
Jacqueline Tevis Jacqueline Tevis Underwriting Assistant (412) 220-3059 x 7112 jtevis@jimcor.com
Kristen Skender Kristen Skender Director of Corporate Development (412) 220-3059 x 7114 kskender@jimcor.com

Admitted Division

Name Title Phone Number Email
Christopher Gulla Christopher Gulla Admitted Underwriting Assistant (201) 573-8200 x 1143 cgulla@jimcor.com
Christopher Hudson Christopher Hudson Admitted Underwriting Manager (201) 573-8200 x 1204 chudson@jimcor.com
Julia Pasqua Julia Pasqua Junior Underwriter (201) 573-8200 x 1111 jpasqua@jimcor.com
Stephanie Reilly Stephanie Reilly Admitted Brokerage Specialist (201) 573-8200 x 1146 sreilly@jimcor.com
Steve Merhige Steve Merhige Admitted Brokerage Specialist (201) 573-8200 x 1194 smerhige@jimcor.com
Belinda Baker Belinda Baker Admitted Brokerage Assistant (201) 573-8200 x 1108 bbaker@jimcor.com
Nina Vaccaro Nina Vaccaro Admitted Brokerage Assistant (201) 573-8200 x 1206 nvaccaro@jimcor.com
Meredith Dyson Meredith Dyson Vice President- Sales Manager (201) 573-8200 x 1175 mdyson@jimcor.com

Professional Lines

Name Title Phone Number Email
Louis Grandrino Louis Grandrino Professional Liability Specialist (856) 866-8858 x 5192 lgrandrino@Jimcor.com
Patricia Skala Patricia Skala Professional Liability Specialist (201) 573-8200 x 1132 pskala@jimcor.com
Gia DeAnne Gia DeAnne Professional Lines Underwriting Assistant (856) 866-8858 x 5154 gdeanne@jimcor.com
Tiffany Giambrone Tiffany Giambrone Professional Lines Underwriting Assistant (856) 866-8858 x 2228 tgiambrone@jimcor.com
Joseph Schneider Joseph Schneider Vice President- Sales Manager Professional Lines (610) 301-6659 x 1105 jschneider@jimcor.com
Renee Azelby Renee Azelby Vice President- Sales Manager (856) 866-8858 x 5145 razelby@jimcor.com


Name Title Phone Number Email
Jeff Blumberger Jeff Blumberger Brokerage Specialist (201) 573-8200 JBlumberger@jimcor.com

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